Wyoming County Dairy Princess

Ice cream sandwiches for breakfast

Hello everyone, and happy February! It’s Sorrell Brown, your first Alternate Dairy Princess. Many people were unaware that this past Saturday was national Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. There are so many ways for people to participate in this exciting informal holiday! Perhaps one could have a base of vanilla ice cream and add their favorite cereal on top for […]

Preparing for the new year with chicken wing dip recipe

Hello everyone, I’m Kendra Brace, one of the Wyoming County Dairy Princess Alternates. With Christmas coming and going so fast, it’s time to prepare for New Years. I know many will be having parties with loved ones to celebrate, so be sure you have enough food at the table to feed all your guests. You can also incorporate dairy products […]

Happy holidays, support your farmers

Happy holidays everyone! I’m Brenda Martin, one of your Wyoming County Alternate Dairy Princesses. 2021 was a crazy year for most of us, and with the little bit of time left, this time of year can be extremely crazy. Recently we have received word from the state saying that next year there will be no more Princesses, meaning that Lilly […]

Enjoy seasonal meals that include dairy; homemade eggnog recipe

Hello Everyone! This is Lilly Crane, your Wyoming County Dairy Princess. As the winter season approaches, typically everyone gets more laid back on many things but one specifically being their diets. Your diet contributes to many everyday tasks, even sleeping! Of course there isn’t much to do during what some like to call the “most wonderful time of the year,” […]

Thank a farmer, incorporate dairy in your Thanksgiving meal

Hello Everyone! This is Kendra Brace, a Wyoming County Dairy Princess Alternate. With Thanksgiving around the corner, there are a ton of ways to incorporate dairy into your meal. You could make  your own butter with just a couple simple steps. And no, you wont need an old-fashioned butter churner and stool. All you need is heavy whipping cream and […]

Keep warm, drink hot chocolate

Hello everyone! I’m Brenda Martin, one of the Wyoming County Alternate Dairy Princesses. Now that the temperature is cooling down I hope you all can stay warm. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself warm. My personal favorite way is to drink some hot chocolate. Drinking your hot chocolate can give you one out of three servings of dairy […]

Thankful for our farmers; incorporating dairy into Thanksgiving meals

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My name is Jenna Brace and I am one of your Alternate Wyoming County Dairy Princesses. Throughout this month while you are thinking of all the things you are thankful for, keep in mind how hard our farmers are working around the clock. I know one thing’s for sure, I am very thankful for our farmers and […]

May is National Beef Month; Peaches and Cream Popsicles recipe

May is upon us everyone, and it is crazy to think that we are almost to summer. This year has already seemed to fly by, but I am very excited for summer to arrive, though the possibility of there still being snow this month puts a bit of a damper on the excitement. Here is a fun fact that you […]

April is National Grilled Cheese Month

Wyoming County’s Dairy Princess shares special Apple Bacon Grilled Cheese recipe

Hello everyone and welcome to April! Spring is now well upon us, hopefully to stay, and I for one am extremely excited. Warmer weather means so many exciting things and being able to get fresh air without wrapping up in layers is a great feeling. April specifically is a very special month, and that is because April is National Grilled […]

March is a pretty great month- it’s National Ag Month!

Have a lucky holiday with Mint Chocolate Pudding Cookie recipe

Hello everyone! It is very hard to believe that we are already into March, this year is already going by so fast. March is a pretty great month because it is National Agriculture month. It only makes sense that there is an entire month dedicated to honoring all of the hard work that goes into providing everything from clothing and […]