New York State

Record amount of school aid included in budget

State legislators have approved a $212 billion budget for New York State. The budget passed Tuesday, April 6, five days after the start of the 2022 fiscal year. Within the budget, total state operating funds totals $111 billion. School aid will take up a $29.5 billion chunk. This is a $3 billion, or 11 percent, increase from the fiscal year […]

Middle class and small business tax cuts among 2020 proposals

Cuomo deems agenda ‘Making Progress Happen’
Marijuana legalization reinforced in Cuomo’s state policy talks
More gun legislation makes its way into governor’s wish list for New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his 2020 State of the State address Wednesday, Jan. 8, vowing to continue New York’s role as what he says is the “progressive capital of the nation.” Within his wish list for the state, Cuomo is seeking cutting middle class and small business taxes, the legalization of marijuana, educational endeavors, assistance to farmers, and more. He […]

Freedom native, Pioneer alumni will run for State Senate in  57th District

The name Austin Morgan has been circulating social media and local news outlets within the last few weeks, and it’s been made official as of Tuesday, March 19, 2019 that the Freedom native has accepted the Democratic nomination for the State Senate- while on the cusp of graduation from college. On March 10, the 57thSenate District seat was vacated by […]