PCS hosts NYSSMA event

Each spring, for the past 10 years, the Pioneer Music Department has hosted auditions for NYSSMA (the New York State School Music Association). Students travel for area schools after working for hours rehearsing a selected piece, to audition before an adjudicator.  Grades are tallied and the students with the top scores have the honor of playing in the NYSSMA concerts, which […]

The magic spell of music moves my spirit

An installment of Case In Point

Music is like magic. It can get you up and moving when you have no energy to face the day or the world, and it can also help you rest peacefully and relax your mind. Music can help you forget the bad times and it can help you remember the good. Music can get inside of you and it can […]

The thwack of a bat, the buzzing of a bee, the hum of a lawn mower, and the chirping of a bird are all sounds associated with summertime. Offering more than just noise for the backdrop to summer’s soundtrack, attendance at music concert series in local municipalities has become a tradition for many. A number of towns in the area […]