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Yorkshire Fire Department receives donation from local business

Photo by Barb Drajem
Pam Crawford, treasurer for the Yorkshire Fire Department, accepts a check for $500 from Melinda, a store manager at 7-Eleven in Yorkshire.

For the last couple of years, the 7-Eleven in Yorkshire has placed a container on the counter to help the Yorkshire Fire Department. Along the way, the money is counted and given to the fire company for expenses.  Recently, a department representative accepted one of those donations.

On July 11, or 7-Eleven Day, Fire Department Treasurer Pam Crawford accepted a check for $500 from one of the store managers, Melinda. A portion of the check was a gift from the store, and the rest was from the change added to the jar collected through the months prior.

Department Spokesperson Jennifer Barber said that, once again, the fire company is awed by the continuing support from the community, businesses and private residents. “We are so grateful for the support the community and its businesses gives us,” Barber said. “As the prices of fuel and goods go up, our department is affected like everyone else. We are spending more on fuel for calls and prices for fire gear and equipment have gone up. As our call volume has increased, and as a non-profit and volunteer organization, we rely on donations to keep our department running. We know our community depends on us and we are doing everything we can to be there for them. John and his staff at 7-Eleven have been an asset to our department and so willing to go above and beyond to help us out.”

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